Jose Moore – Austin Texas

Jose Moore – (Net Worth: 16.9 Million USD) has holdings in the erosion control/commercial real estate world. Jose started Moore Clean LLC in 2001 on a shoestring budget in Austin Texas. The erosion control business has always been considered a blue collar industry with outdated systems and little infrastructure. Jose was able to add a touch of professionalism and technology to an industry significantly lacking. Jose took the approach of becoming the Starbucks of the cleaning industry and focused on quality and scale. Moore Clean LLC currently has an evaluation of 9 million, Jose also invests in commercial real-estate and land development, with a current real-estate portfolio is valued at 7 million. Jose Moore’s current Net Worth is an estimated 16.9 Million with a trend at 25 million by 2026.
Jose Moore is currently a Trustee on the Board at Abilene Christian University.
Jose Moore owns Austin United Basketball in Austin Texas.